A Butthole Surfers Experience: SWEATLOAF


SWEATLOAF is a Butthole Surfers Experience based in Dallas, TX, but is a more than just a tribute or cover band: it is a trip to see us. It is an experience!

Of course we are named after the song "Sweat Loaf" from the "Locust Abortion Technician" album. We've also been known to play "Sweat Loaf" as well. We try to cover a range of albums and songs from their discography. There are some great songs on "Rembrandt Pussyhorse" that we want to start playing soon. "ElectricLarryLand" gets some rotation too. "Pioughed" (typically pronounced "pee ohh'ed", as in pissed off") is included in our set list as well. We want to cover all the bases with some songs from each album.

We implement all the theatrics of Butthole Surfers, re-creating the excitement and fear of their most productive artistic period, including their albums "Psychic, Powerless, Another Man's Sac", "Locust Abortion Technician", "Hairway to Steven", "Widowermaker!", "Independent Worm Saloon", , and "Butthole Surfers" aka "Brown Reason To Live".

SWEATLOAF formed in December 2008. We ended up playing our first gig on Feb 24th, 2009 after getting 5 days notice and have seen an increase in demand since. We are attracting Butthole Surfers fans and curiosity seekers. We've played with bands such as the Loco Gringos, Hickoids, Lone Star Demons, Bipolar Gentlemen, and Bastardos de Sancho.

In October 2013, SWEATLOAF was nominated for Best Cover Band by the Dallas Observer for it's 25th Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards (DOMA). On November 2nd, we played a DOMA showcase show at The Door (formerly Gypsy Tea Room, where the Butthole Surfers played in 2001!). On November 5th, the DOMA Awards Ceremony occurred where SWEATLOAF WON! Thanks to all the fans & friends that made it all possible!


SWEATLOAF is comprised of the following members:

SWEATLOAF also has great friends that have been immensely helpful to the band at each show: